wedding toppers for cakes

Cake toppers for wedding actually one of another focal point on your wedding day, beside the wedding gown you wear. Fortunately, there are huge in cake toppers selection that you can choose, depend on your need, taste, desire, and else. Therefore, there is nothing need to be questioned and worried since there are huge in […]

what to wear to a courthouse wedding

Courthouse wedding become popular in some couples. Getting married in the courthouse is to get sense of peace in wedding party in the Justice. The couple who hold wedding in courthouse usually is the military couple. Wedding in courthouse usually is one of the choices to hold a wedding party. There are some reasons why […]

peacock wedding

Peacock wedding means a lot depend on each people impression and thought. You may feel like it was the best wedding decoration as your desire, like with the peacock decoration, you can let the nature embrace each people and spread the love of happiness into your invitee, yet another people may think that it was […]

custom wedding koozies

Wedding koozies will make great wedding favor for your big day. They will keep your drink in cool or hot as because they can keep the can or bottles temperatures to be downed. All of your beer bottle and can will look interesting with stamped of bride or groom name to welcoming the guests. They […]

Backyard wedding ideas are the ideas about using backyard as the place to held a wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony is one of the best ceremonies in our life. Most of the people want special idea for the wedding ceremony. One of those special ideas is holding the ceremony outdoor. There are many places that you […]

crystal headband wedding

Wedding headbands are the headbands that wear on the bride’s head as part of the accessories for her wedding day. Headband is very popular accessories to wear in the wedding. In the old days, veil is the most popular accessories for bride to wear. But, some women are love simple things and wearing veil is […]

bridesmaid convertible dress

Convertible bridesmaid dress is the dress that bridesmaid will wear during the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids are usually the girls who are from bride’s friends or the groom’s friends. During the wedding preparation, the bride will be very busy to prepare her wedding dress, cake, and other things that needed in the wedding ceremony. If […]

backyard wedding decorations

Backyard wedding is usually used as a classic theme for the wedding. Both the bride and groom will hold their wedding in a backyard with a romantic design with the theme of the natural green and white as the color of his supporters. White altar complete with white flowers also decorate the wedding ceremony. Chairs […]

mens wedding ring tattoos

Tattoo wedding rings – since the very very long time ago, rings become the symbol of marriage. People who wear ring in their finger mean that they are already married. Yes, the existence of ring is very essential for all the couple who are got married. Rings represent human’s status of marriage. But, that is […]