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Within the site to Favorites in alphabetical order

 Favorites believe any of the magic of the Internet are necessary, each time surfing the web, the total interest to some of my collection off site can be in the future would like to re-visit a particular site quickly, but found Favorites The contents of dense, long a particular site, "drowned" in which, is there any way to make their needs frequent access site, prominently displayed in the favorites for future quick access to it?

  Is very simple, you just before the target site in the collection, the following set, you can wish fulfilled:

  Open lE browser window, click "Tools" "lnternet Options" command, the settings in the subsequent window, click the "Advanced" tab in the tab page, select "Browse" to set entry in the " Enable Personalized Favorites Menu "item, then click" OK "to exit the settings window.

  The IE window, click Close and then restart and then re-click "Favorites" menu and see what happens - a recent visit to the site all the "run" to the show in front favorites. Later, you just pay attention to "Favorites" top of the content, you can always visit the site to quickly find address

  Also, when your IE favorites site address too large, it is difficult to quickly locate a particular site, you can follow the alphabetical order of sorting of the favorites for quick positioning.

  Concrete action is: Open the Registry Editor window, locate the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER SoftwareMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionExplorerMenuOrder on; check "MenuOrder" primary key, to see whether it's following "Favorities" option, and if so, you can select it and right-click implementation of the shortcut menu, "delete" command, the "Favorities" option is removed; and then re-boot look, open the Favorites folder, you will find the site have been collected, will be automatically arranged in alphabetical order of the .


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