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How strong Chinese capacitor industry

As the electronic information industry development and the popularity of home appliances, from the 80s TV started domestically, refrigerators, washing machines, tape recorders, black and white television sets, household air-conditioner, telephones, energy saving lamps, VCD, DVD, computer, the development of program-controlled switches, etc., to improve every quality of life of a Chinese family. The capacitor industry in China has also been an unprecedented development, from the quantity, quality, service, to meet the electronic needs of the development machine and appliances, and other related materials industry, equipment industry, Instrument industry, has been become the world's largest producer of capacitors.

       In history, after 20 years of struggle, China has become the world's largest producer of capacitors, accounting for 30% of global output. As the global economic recovery and the rapid development of China's information industry, capacitors, while the industry continues to be big and strong, with bigger and stronger, which is the core of the development of content changes.

  Chip type electronic components in the process, led the way resistors and capacitors. In 2002, the Japanese chip resistor of the rate reached 98%, ceramic capacitor chip of 80%, the rate of chip tantalum capacitors in 2001 has already reached 99%; chip resistor networks in the United States rate in 2000 of up to 41 %. The chip type inductor rate reached 52% in Japan in 1998 over 2002, Japan and the U.S. have reached 70%, while the signal circuits for chip type inductor has reached 80% or more; switch chip rate of more than 20%. 1999 Japanese chip type ceramic filter rate of 19%, while the cellular mobiles communications equipment used in chip-type ceramic filters account for 71%, temperature compensated crystal oscillator chip rate of over 90%.

  In the chip type electronic components, while the rapid development of miniaturization are not only traditional element in the rapid miniaturization of chip components smaller rapidly. At present, the 1608-type chip RC components produced in Japan has become a mainstream product, 1005-type chip RC components have become the mainstream of mobiles communication devices with resistive and capacitive elements. Tantalum chip capacitors and chip type plastic film capacitor has reached the minimum size are 1608, and has been the commercialization of ceramic chip capacitors, chip thermistors with negative temperature coefficient (NTC) has begun mass production of 0603 model very small product, Metallized plastic film capacitors and mica capacitors 1608 products have been commercialized.

  With the small electronic devices of the thin light of electronic components are increasingly complex demands of the strong. TDK Corporation of Japan has been producing cores from the 4,8,16 capacitors monolithic ceramic capacitor comprising the array.

  Ceramic capacitor capacitor in the world market will remain dominant, while the chip capacitors will dominate the market, ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. Small size, large capacity, high voltage, high frequency, interference, and the array of ceramic capacitors will continue to develop. 1005-type chip ceramic capacitors are popular products have been listed 0603, 0402 products are in development. At present, the use of thin-layer and multi-layered (600 to 800 layer layer) technology, and technology within the base metal electrodes, has developed a capacity up to 100 # mu; F of the monolithic ceramic capacitor manufacturer has in the development of a capacity of 200 # mu ; F or even 200 # mu; F above the production of monolithic ceramic capacitor technology.

  Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature, low equivalent series resistance of electrolytic capacitors, etc. is still the direction of development. 2000, Matsushita Electronic Components has developed a series of aluminum capacitors WA, to its capacity increased 2 times higher than the previous 18 times at the same time, the company also put in a low-chip-type aluminum capacitors appearance, its height is only 0.95mm.

  Chip tantalum capacitor products continue to lead to smaller, high-capacity, low impedance, low ESR direction, functional polymer tantalum capacitor production and application will be further expanded, tantalum powder CV value will continue to increase the value of the current CV tantalum powder has been 100000, but the manufacturers (such as Japan ELNA company) has the value in the development of 150000CV tantalum powder.

  It is noteworthy that engineers are developing use of niobium as niobium capacitor dielectric material, due to the supply of equivalent tantalum niobium to 100 times, and the capacitor form, structure and properties of tantalum chip capacitors with similar, due to cost relationship, tantalum capacitor is not suitable 1000 # mu; F-class products, high volume production, and niobium capacitors to realize the magnitude of the product mass.


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