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With the "China" sound before the line upgrade capacitor ind

Benefit from the state's implementation of energy saving policies, power capacitors and reactive power compensation device applications become increasingly wide range of industries achieve sound and rapid development. Achieved remarkable results in 2007, 2008, development of the industry which the Imagination and planning?  
  Recently, the reporter interviewed Power Capacitor China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, the fifth branch chairman, Xi'an West Electric Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager, Xiaolin.  
  "Made in China" escalation
 Revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry in the national policy background, the power capacitor industry, undoubtedly is one of the beneficiaries. "Adhere to independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading, many products repeatedly in national key projects in power construction excellence." Turning to industry, technical superiority, as the industry leader of high Xiaolin am very pleased and proud.
According to him, the industry technology level of a qualitative leap forward, its success marked a significant development of key technologies and products, and fundamentally changed the last century, mainly to introduce the history of 90's. He confidently said, "Compared with the global counterparts, domestic electrical capacitor product performance and quality no less."
Opened the industry's history, not difficult to see "Made in China" up the track.
As one of power transmission equipment, power capacitor manufacturing industry in China 50 years starting from the 20th century, overcome many technical difficulties in product performance, voltage level, the design parameters, reliability and so achieve a higher level. Industries have been expanding the number of firms reached nearly one hundred. High-voltage capacitor in parallel with the production capacity, nearly 20. At the same time, technological transformation and equipment led the industry level.
It is obvious that the industry has undergone great changes in product mix, the current from a single capacitor unit to complete installation directions. With the full implementation of ISO9000 standards, industry quality management, technological level has greatly improved. In electrical performance, has reached the international IEC standards.
For the good momentum of rapid development of industry, the source of the evalsuation is that "variety, with a unique competitive advantage, out of an introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation of success."
With the confidence of domestic and foreign users and ever-increasing, the market has been expanding. Many enterprises in the national key projects in the first successful beachhead in foreign markets. Xi'an West Electric Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., New Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. and other lines of business showed strong technical strength, has won the bid day - broad, expensive - Canton, Lingbao, 3 - Shanghai HVDC project, winners of several hundred million orders. Analysis of Soviet special reference to "a new start in the two world's highest voltage ± 800 kV DC transmission project, industry contract contract orders up more than 400 million yuan."
Provide opportunities for energy saving
If the state revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry environment gave birth to new technologies, new processes, and the State Department's policy to promote energy conservation background, then to the capacitor products provide tremendous business opportunities and useless.
An informed source revealed that the overall size of the power capacitor in the power transmission industry, not really a huge area, but its products in energy saving, environmental protection unique advantages.
Information, power equipment and power system operation must consume a certain amount of reactive power, while the reactive power compensation system is the most important use of power capacitors. It is estimated that the capacitor market demand accounts for about 80%. And the market demand and new generating capacity on closely related, in recent years from the actual installation of reactive power compensation capacitor capacity point of view, and the proportion of new generating capacity is about 1:1.
  In recent years, rapid development of DC transmission line, almost an annual average of new DC project, a ± 500 kV HVDC project needs thousands lack capacitor 800. Not only that, we can simultaneously and parallel to the AC filter capacitor, capacitor, etc. PLC communication products come in handy more than 10 kinds of capacitors.
One view is that China's energy efficiency is a sleeping market, with several hundred billion dollars a huge market share, who can wake up the market, whoever will get great returns. Another view shows that China has become the world's output of one of the highest energy consumption. In great contrast between the left power equipment manufacturing industry will be tremendous opportunities for energy conservation.
Construction and development of the current electricity situation is gratifying, particularly gratifying is that, along with power and rapid development of the national energy saving work is in full swing, this capacitor for the power industry has provided a broad market space. Gao Lin Gaoxing saying that "people on the capacitors and reactive power compensation to improve the power factor, energy consumption, improve voltage quality and power transmission line capacity and so more and more profound understanding of the important role. As a provider of energy-efficient products, is a rare opportunity for us. "
Integration of resources to scale new heights
Industry generally believe that power construction in the face of new opportunities and challenges in the development of power capacitors considerable potential for the industry. The face of the industry track record, high Xiaolin always keep a cool head.
He said that 2008 is a crucial year for development of the industry to achieve China's electric power production, transmission, efficiency of the high parameters, high-grade, the direction of the target energy-saving products, the industry is facing great room for development, but there are still some constraints factor.
Although in comparison with the results have fundamental, but he attached great importance to these negative factors. He believes that the main problems the industry are: lack of scientific research, some companies only respond to offer quick and tough market competition, the lack of long-term and basic theory and technology research; information technology efforts is not enough, product standardization also has some disadvantages; in particular the series compensation device R & D work unsatisfactory, compared with foreign products still a gap.
He believes that the new situation, a higher market demand, accelerate structural adjustment, to the great capacity of the whole film, series, sets the direction of technology development become the main direction of the industry.
According to him said the industry's future development goals yes, effective integration of superior resources, to further strengthen the new product development and new technologies, new materials, new processes of Ying Yong, backbone enterprises Yao courage to go out, set up factories in Guowaitouzi.
With a wealth of marketing experience, high Xiaolin future market conditions were objective and comprehensive analysis, he said, China's direct current transmission line in the future will further accelerate the development of HVDC Transmission Project will require substantial growth in the number of capacitors. As the work vigorously promote energy conservation, industry will usher in a new round of rapid development. In this regard, he is full of expectations


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