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Capacitor Industry: When the world into China

Into 2008, China capacitor industry, the evolution of the whole situation more severe. Rising production costs, talent shortages, technological backwardness ... ... the face of the status quo should be how to deal with manufacturers in the end? How the industry should develop in the end? This series of problems with a signal at that - the situation has been pressing the capacitor industry.
    Capacitor industry leading authority, Professor Yang Bangchao face call: "China must be done capacitor manufacturing industries 'power', and not only do the production industry's 'big country'."

    Over seven years late for Professor Yang Bangchao, hale and hearty and very talkative, his words between the lines all trace of his handling of the capacitor industry, analysis of the deep hole. Facing the capacitor industry, he has been fond of; the face of a world power, but he laments the industry successors. He was the future development of the industry expressed deep concern, the urgency of the national industry rose from the bottom of my heart, and show up more and more clear. Capacitor industry leading authority, Professor Yang Bangchao called: "China must be done capacitor manufacturing industries 'power', and not only do the production industry's 'big country'."

  Large, cheap labor industry wide

    Capacitor in this industry too," This is Professor Yang Bangchao first words. "Accurate to say that China's capacitor manufacturing industry, are in low level, high end of capacitors in China still can not do." Electronic components required for the production of raw materials, requirements and high cost, low volume, variety. In this case, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Metallurgy Department, who did not request the production of fine chemicals, raw material requirements of the rarely more than a few 9. Required in the quantity produced hundreds of tons of thousands of tons of raw materials. Create a number just talk, not to quality phenomenon.   

    Why should foreign capacitors manufactured in China then? According to Professor Yang Bangchao introduced relatively cheap labor in China, Korea and Japan, manufacturers are also being transferred to China, first established the organization, then is the production. Such as Japanese capacitors has to Wuxi, raw material sourcing from China. For example in electrolytic capacitors, for example, the main raw material is aluminum foil, which is the power to fight the system, so in the Three Gorges to establish a lot of aluminum foil near the plant. According to Professor Yang Bangchao judge: the power and price increases, the capacitor element will definitely have to cut prices. This is because raw materials prices, another reason is the rising price great. Manufacturing aluminum foil plant in part to the header to start moving, because the header of the coal cheap, investment power plant, power plants, reduce the cost of coal used to generate electricity.

    Technology behind the world's urgent need for professionals

    Two years ago, Professor Yang Bangchao in the electronic components industry association made a report, a comprehensive analysis of current situation and development of electronic components industry. Now the capacitor industry faces skills upgrading, must improve. If you ever do produce "great country", rather than the production of "Power", China will face the situation behind and beaten.

    Professor Yang Bangchao that can nurture talent not many high-end components, like micro-electronics that much. Capacitor itself is small, but very complex, there is a drop in the ground not worth the money, but doing it would be very expensive phenomenon. Therefore, investment in R & D people and society into focus, mutual support should be double, but without support. The National Science and Technology of China as a whole Why did not force people to study and quantify the arrangements for this problem? Tracing the source, the root causes of the historical reasons for the still. There are no research institutes specializing in capacitors, so the electronic components is relatively backward, the problem is caused by many reasons. One is the lack of high-end talent, engaging parts of people do not like out components that engage in micro-electronics admired, engage in communication admired, engage in computer admired, learned to change jobs again later. In this case, the required electronic components done well, is impossible. As we all know, the whole is inseparable components of a machine around the valve components of a chip is increasing. To the social sciences division of the imbalance, leads to the electronic components industry as a whole lagged behind.


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