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Automotive Electronics: Automotive Electronics industry is currently the most popular international market sector, the rapid development of China's automobiles industry in recent years, China's auto output in 2003 reached 4.2 million, an increase of 29.2%, has become the world's fourth producer and the third car consumer, at the present growth momentum of China's automobiles production in 2010 and consumption may be the second highest in the world, behind the United States. Ten of involving traditional automotive electronic systems, including electronic instrument panel, electronic fuel injection systems, car audio systems, engine management systems, global positioning system, antilock brake system, airbag system, automatic driving system, automatic window system , automatic locking system. These systems are more or less to use electrolytic capacitors, and against the heat, earthquakes, ripple, low impedance and so put forward higher requirements. The future of electric cars is the growth of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and every step requires at least four electric vehicle high-voltage large-capacity electrolytic capacitors used in the battery, voltage converter, inverter circuits. Abroad on average per vehicle cost of electronic devices for 20% of the total -25%, with lower car prices, will lead to higher levels of electronic, automotive electronics in freight costs will increase to 30% -50% Some statistics, China accounted for automotive electronic devices in 2003 25% of the total cost is expected to increase to 35% in 2010, the market is very big. But very difficult to package, present, 5,000 auto parts business in 1200 was foreign-invested enterprises, the world's largest automotive multinationals 9: General Motors, Ford, Daimler - Chrysler, Volkswagen, Toyota Peugeot ... ... have entered the Chinese market, Volkswagen, General Motors, Citroen, France to invest in China, in order to reduce costs, improve local matching rate, driven collaborative enterprises to invest abroad, such as the U.S. General Motors Company invested at the beginning, it attracted 44 auto parts related supporting enterprises to invest a total investment of up to 2.23 billion U.S. dollars.

Household appliances: TVs, stereos, cameras, DVD, tape recorders, CD player, inverter air conditioner, inverter refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, energy-saving lamps such as the use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are large. With the machine's development, to develop high-frequency, chip, energy saving, environmental protection products, we should pay attention to digital television, set-top boxes and digital cameras and other ancillary products, said to a digital TV in the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is three times the normal TV. Currently, broadcast television and related industries in China's electronic information industry, the proportion of 40%, expected in 2006 China Digital TV systems, terminals and related accessories in the market will more than 100 billion yuan, will be to promote the development of China's electronic information industry new economic growth point.

Industry: With the computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), digital processing centers, automated equipment, machines and other automation technologies are increasingly widespread, and promote the development of inverter technology, extensive use of switching power supply industries, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverter, monitor, inverter motor, CNC equipment, have extensive use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, other laser processing, inverter welding machine, elevator, oil exploration, the third and fourth generation IGBT development, and even developed countries Highway solar lighting systems, etc. are also required extensive use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Wang minister speaking in northeast base: China about 320 million machines, CNC machine tools, but only by 1.2%, transform traditional industries and the country is estimated that each year the information industry needs to reach several hundred billion dollars, will become a powerful force for the development of information industry .

Military and aerospace areas: military operations in recent years has gradually become electronic countermeasures, electronic equipment will directly indicate the level of the outcome of the battlefield, aerospace is extensive use of electronic devices, such as extensive use of electronic equipment aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

 In short, as long as the use of electronic devices where the basic aluminum electrolytic capacitors can not be separated, we must study the market, do a good job market, has introduced products with different requirements of the whole, have a way out, a deciding factor, has been from the past size of the business, locations, specialization, market control and other factors, gradually transformed into reaction speed, flexible production capacity, resources integration capability and innovation.


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