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Capacitor industry event brought together experts across the


China Electronic Components Association capacitor held in Changxing County, Zhejiang Branch of the professional managers of the organic thin film annual


Components demand fundamentals exist, the markets continue to fall more than the opportunity 

Film Capacitor town, upgrading of local supply capacity

Capacitor manufacturers in Taiwan and the mainland capacitor manufacturers for production cooperation and capital levels of cooperation 

High-density film capacitors mainly imported, is the opportunity for capacitor manufacturers

    China Electronic Components Association, held in organic thin-film capacitor branch manager of the professional director of the annual meeting, brought together national and major film capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan, as well as production equipment and materials suppliers. The conference will be held in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, the whole electronic components Technology Network reporter attended the industry event. 

    Changxing County is the first 46 hundred national and national spiritual County, before the economy here is mainly small coal mines and batteries. Changxing Power Plant is a landmark here, six huge cooling towers standing in the exit of Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway Changxing, people feel the pollution still exist. However, after nearly 20 years of development, the development of lithium batteries Changxing, energy-saving lamps, small appliances and upstream film capacitor industry, the existing 52 professional enterprises active in this industry chain. 

      Deputy Secretary-General Association of Chinese Yuan Lin Sufen analysis of current trends in market demand components. She believes that the fundamentals of component demand is there, the market continued to fall more than the chance to resume. Meanwhile, she also shipments of Chinese components manufacturers fell to a few expressed concern about growth

    Chapter Secretary-General Pan Danian capacitance is the protagonist of the event, he will be the 200 to the director manager was pleased. Economic downturn, executives enthusiastic to participate in the exchange industry, showing everybody on the post-crisis era of confidence. China now has 260 film capacitor manufacturers, mainly in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Fujian. Leading thin film capacitor manufacturer in Xiamen Changzhou Chang Jie Farah and so on, there is many small business, several million yuan in output value range. Sales of over 100 million yuan film capacitor industry is big business. 

    Film capacitors to be upstream of equipment and materials manufacturers and suppliers a more unified view that the market rebound. Hai-Lin Xiao, general manager of Nantong Hailin said e-market good from June to August this year, shipments and projections are on the rise. Hailin thin films are improved by the introduction of new products in the temperature range of film capacitors and stability. "Domestic film capacitors need to improve the quality of consistency, use of new materials is a way, now is the time for something cheaper," Hai-Lin Xiao said. 

    Huzhou Run Branch electronic tape is a supplier of industrial films, mainly with the film to provide various electronic components. Kim, general manager of the company's philosophy also said business is good up now, resistors and capacitors need to film customers begin ordering, production capacity is close to saturation. Nantong South Tower Electronics developed the Power Capacitor product line, in short supply state. Gong Hua Song, general manager of South Tower said that as the industrial product line, not by the economic crisis, it is continuing to grow. 

    Taiwanese capacitor manufacturers to more than 20. Electronic Components and Technology Network reporter learned that, while they are with peers and understand the market demand, more importantly, China is seeking cooperation capacity capacitor manufacturers and capital levels of cooperation. Estimate the amount of electronic components manufacturers have to start a new movement, to seek post-crisis era of development. 

    Film Capacitor town, upgrading of local supply capacity 

    Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of thin-film capacitors with Huaqiang Electronics, Seven capacitors, Changxing capacitor, capacitor Changxing moon, Changxing Star capacitor, capacitor, and a number of Changxing Jinsheng run capacitor manufacturers. They are mainly energy-saving lamps and small appliances manufacturers in China. 

    Electronic Components and Technology Network reporter visited two capacitors Huaqiang electronics and Seven leading local businesses, found here full capacity, each station on all the busy workers


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