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Web Editor of: 29 kinds of methods to promote web content

     How to increase website traffic? The following is that you can consider 29 methods. Among them, you may have used some, and some ways you may forget to use, there are some you've never heard of. In short, where you can settle to the current variety of effective website promotion methods. First of all you have to understand that site promotion is a long and systematic process, the need for clear goals and plans, and prepare accordingly.
Site of the most important keywords in major search engine ranking, this is the most important search engine promotion strategies. Search engine robots will automatically search the web search the content, so search engine optimization web strategy from the beginning.

  First, add a page title

  Content for the page to write 5-8 word descriptive title. Title to be concise, "the" "and" these important words. To illustrate the page, the site of the most important content is. Page title will appear in the search results page link, so you can write Shaodai provocative to attract searchers click on the link. Content in the home also write your company name and your most important keywords, and not only write the company name. Each site should have a page title for the page.

  Second, add a descriptive META tag

  In addition to the title page, many search engines will search for META tags. This is a descriptive text. Web page text description of the content of this page to the sentence also contains the key words, phrases and so on. Currently, META tags with keywords on the top has been very helpful, but sometimes META tags will be used to pay landing technology. And who knows when the search engine will focus attention once again it?

  三、bold text on the page, the general title of the article also fill in your keywords

  Bold text search engine is very seriously that this is a very important page content. Therefore, to ensure that one or two bold text tag write your keywords. Will be important to avoid the title of the form are made into images, not the whole page is a picture made.

 Fourth, to ensure that the first paragraph of your body appeared Keywords

  Search engines want the text to be found in the first paragraph of your keywords, but not filled with too many keywords. google will probably be full for every 100 words to appear 1.5 to 2 key words as the best keyword density, receive a good ranking. Other places to consider your keywords in the code or COMMEET ALT tags inside. If there is no guarantee that the body of the first paragraph of words can not help to consider some measures, such as a web page so add a comment.

  5, navigation design should be easy to search engine

  Some people make use of the web framework, but it is for the search engine is a serious problem. Even if search engines find your content pages, which may miss key navigation column, which can not enter to other pages. JAVA and FLASH to do with navigation buttons look pretty attractive, but the search engine can not find them. The remedy is to use regular HTML links at the bottom of the page and then make a navigation bar, ensure that you can enter the site through the navigation bar on every page. You can also make a site map, you can link to each page. In addition, some content management systems and e-commerce catalog using dynamic web pages, these pages generally have a question mark at the back to bring the number of work over the search engines are often stopped before the question mark, not to search. For this situation. Can change the URL, login and other means to pay to solve them. Dynamic sites can generate static pages through search engine technology to facilitate crawling. Site map link to as far as possible to all the main page and individual pages to the site map submitted to the search engine. Greater use of static HTML pages, although the increased workload, but can increase search engine friendliness, and thus lay the foundation to obtain a good ranking.

  六、of particular importance for certain key words, specialize in a few pages

  Search engine optimization experts do not recommend the use of any deceptive transition for search engines page, because they almost copied pages out of search engines may penalize. But can do a few pages, each page contains a different concentration of keywords or phrases. For example, no need to introduce you to a page on all of the services, but to make a page for each service separately. In this way, each page has a corresponding amount of keywords, the content of these pages contain targeted keywords because rather than general content, which can improve the ranking.

  七、 to the search engine submission page

  In the search engine to find】 【ADDYOURURL landing site links. Search engine will automatically search for the page you submit. United States, the most famous search engine is: google, inktomi, alta, vista, tehoma. These search engines to the other major search engines and portals to provide search content. In Europe and other regions you can publish to the regional search engines. As to spend money to hire one to help you to submit thousands of search engine approach is Baihua Qian. Do not those FFA (freeforallpages) Web site, the so-called will automatically submit your site for free to hundreds of search engine sites. Such submission is not only ineffective, but also give you a lot of spam and may result in search engines to penalize your website. Do not use the site login software, the so-called one-time your web site can be submitted to thousands of search engines, in fact, is impossible, there is no real value. The most important site for the optimal design for the major search engines, by the way-by hand for submission. For paid search engine, not to rely on software to submit. In fact, effective search engine marketing strategy does not need to login to the site of thousands of search engines, because most visited search engine, focused almost entirely on a few more than 98% of visits, search engines do not have much left practical significance. Also note, the author pages should not be a one-time, with the contents of the update, should be periodically re-submit page. As more and more web page, many search robots return visit for a long time, regular search engines can crawl the latest updates to come.



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