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Quick to include the best way to Google

  China IDC Circle on Dec. 10 reported: in busy for some time, the website built, then a new station as the first thought you might do is to make your site search engine is included breakfast, breakfast to visit who through the search engines find your site, get some traffic. In fact, this is not a very difficult thing. If the method of head, then, generally 2-4 days, Google can be included. However, improper methods, then 10 days and a half months not even a month or two is also included on.

  General approach, we first thought might be landing the major search engines, one by one to the search engines to submit their website URL. This method is obsolete, now is the most passive, the least effective method. GoogleGuy has said that Google submitted URL to the importance of reducing this to submit the appeal for Google getting smaller and smaller. For this part of the data submitted to Google updates very slow. If you use only two months have shown this method may not Google.

  There is some public directory to submit. For a new site, the content is not more than, like the inclusion of these large directories is quite a lengthy process that may take a long time. So want to be Google and other search engines that quickly find, is undesirable. Of course, you submit about, waiting to be included gradually is also possible.

  The following is the fastest would say the best way, and that is get as many external links. These links are not necessarily the site's home page links, in its inside pages on OK. In fact, your site just completed, there is little traffic, looking for some good home link is not easy. Best to get some PR value a little higher (like 6 or above), content updated daily updates and more websites that Google will be roaming and update its database every day. When Google found roaming the site, your URL, it will follow the URL Crawl your website. I had previously used this method many times, very effective, of course, is not used now, directly in a higher PR site home page be a link on OK.

  In what way is usually 2-4 days, will be included in Google and MSN. Yahoo slower, it may take 1-2 weeks, it has a relationship and its search technology. How can we in some high PR to update the website to do some quick links to it? Is very simple, many websites have forums or allow comments to be a sign to bring their own website address, made a few posts or comments on the line. However, this URL must be an activity that you have to click on to reach the site. According to the author's experience, Google found your URL, the day will be on your site roaming, roaming, after a day or two in Google search to your site, you will find your site has been included. Will be the first to include only your home page, Google and MSN This is the same.

  Then again turn to be mentioned in front of as many reasons for the link. If you only have a link included in Google within a few days was no problem, but only the first page of Google to wait until your page will take some more time, and maybe 1-3 weeks. This is because Google on a new station roaming cycle be rather long. If you have more links to the outside, when the Google bots to those sites and found that your site will come again Crawl your website, the more Google Crawl the more frequent, then your website will be roaming the depth of a collection of more number of pages. Google, which will significantly reduce your time to Google in a short period of time included more pages.  

  In a new Web site included, the author's experience is, Google the fastest response, included the fastest, MSN followed, Yahoo is the slowest. Google to include a few days, if the link more then just a few days will be re-included, in addition to your site daily updates, content updates ordinary, reasonable structure within the URL, or else a month, will be roaming the depth of all contains your web pages. MSN and Google about the inclusion of speed is very fast. But generally only your home, the more your page again, you may need 2 weeks -3 weeks. During this period you go to MSN see if you have website, you will see there is always a home. 1-2 months later, MSN on your site can be completely contains. Yahoo reflection is slow, regardless of the depth of your home or Crawl is the slowest for the first time take 1-2 weeks to complete your may need from February to March.

  Finally, those who take the initiative to abandon the link to the search engine submission passive way to do more high-quality external links, you will have unexpected gains.


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