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Search age B2B: building an independent business web site is

  Recently, Baidu C2C e-commerce into a high profile in the industry does not provoke a burst of small waves. Insiders analyzed that the B2B market is just entering its first step to test the water. In the search for the king of the Internet era, B2B e-commerce integration and search of investors and the industry is becoming the focus of hot.

  With the B2B e-commerce B2B search engine services on the impact of B2B platform released just can not satisfy the search for product information requirements of customers, closely linked with the search ranking corporate independent website has been upgraded to enterprise business background, to assume integrated e-commerce functionality. This is also an objective on the field pushed the Build your new revolution: the intelligent, transparent and professional.

  B2B businesses require more extensive source of information sources and to promote

  After recognition of electronic commerce for SMEs, suspected to understand and accept, B2B e-commerce services are becoming the new mainstream business model. Latest data show that the second quarter of this year, China's B2B e-commerce market turnover 489,100,000,000 yuan, up 10.4%, 68.9% sequential growth. According to the latest statistics, the number of SMEs in China has more than 40 million. All B2B service providers and the current is only 10% coverage of the vast market potential has attracted the attention of many investors.

  In the rapidly changing industry, the wave of the Internet, B2B e-business external environment for development has begun to mature. While within the industry, from early Alibaba has its own, to this day continue to emerge and rise of new forces to challenge industry leader. The increasingly fierce competitive differentiation demands innovative B2B services is imperative.

  Wang runs a small foreign trade enterprises, electronic commerce has become an essential business communication his way. But in the process, he has been the existence of a Dilemma: A large majority of B2B platform similar pattern, the top choice of business information on serious problems of duplication and delay. How to quickly understand the business of integrated information and can quickly compare and become b2b platform for enterprises to use an important consideration.

  Precise search requests on a larger scale independent website

  Search engine, as the Internet age with the most potential applications, allow people to fully experience the power of information technology. The area of the service applications to business, it is omnipotent. Search B2B concept has been the beginning of another, it inevitably has the search features of the times: search the contents of the precision, relevance and comprehensiveness. It is understood that Alibaba "China Supplier" products to the enterprise each year, 6.5 million price charged, there are nearly 2 million for the purchase of search engine keyword promotion, shows a search engine for business has long been the general trend.

  Still Mr. Wang, for example, use the search engine, he hopes to get suppliers Keywords comprehensive information, such as: the region where the supplier industry characteristics, economic policy, the supplier's local reputation, competitive environment, the most important or to a formal communication before the website as much as possible in each other's understanding of business self-introduction, product information and pricing, co-operation and case studies. Once agreement is reached, Mr. Wang also hopes to have the other's network platform, such as order management and other business communication capabilities to and their own business platforms for interaction. However, since a long time the reality is that mature B2B platform to protect their control over the customer's reluctant to provide similar Syndicated news search engine, powerful search, just a limited customer's data limit Zai-ping, which is for these protection measures, the B2B platform in the information published was not in search engine queries to.

  Therefore, the search time B2B, many companies require increasing demands for an independent website. Companies need an independent support site as search results, play the role of marketing headquarters, and individual product information on the B2B platform compatible, into the search engine's massive search results, a business resource center, business processing centers, and information management center center, e-commerce to reach their own decisions, extensive promotion of the ideal model.

  Independent e-commerce sites for businesses in the master

  History of building an independent business built them, almost in sync with the history of the Internet, but traditional hand Jianzhan market irregularities, leading to Build your threshold is high, face unreasonable price, was a high-profile blind siting technology. . . . These are impeding China's corporate website, in particular the development of small and medium scale Web site. Until recent years, some smart Internet business idea began to intelligent website into the SMB market, they advocate Membership Service "low price, no technological barriers, self-update administer the site, after the first Jianzhan pay" the new business model.

  Smoke signals network ( launched in 2006 "Web site supermarket" service, which is the industry pioneer in the new Membership Service. In the "Web site supermarket", SME customers with minimal investment, they can in a very short period of time have to meet the individual needs of the enterprise portal. Function and appearance of this site no less than the traditional hand-million production company web site web site. Online shopping, trading, payment and other e-commerce capabilities, and other businesses need third-party services, such as maps, search, online CRM management has also been automatically built into the service list. According to smoke signals the company's CEO Mr. Lu Chung said: "The company's a strong belief that every enterprise has to make China an independent e-commerce site that integrates a station, network marketing, SAAS services, technology platform with B2B organic grafting, but also automatically become a powerful search engine in the data source, the most important, this website must be business owners themselves! that competition crisis, Lu said the public has not yet any intelligent website service will be as mynet. cn generally strong, although many mature companies such as Alibaba, YAHOO!, also just draw the smoke signals of siting model, launched a similar service, but smoke signals have been with China Netcom, GOOGLE and other powerful partners to cooperate, to search for B2B times achieved as soon as possible.

  When the platform independent B2B e-commerce sites and search engines with the organic combination, Mr. Wang will meet edge and confusion. Solution. Before that, he should buy in a number of B2B site membership, get a simple yellow pages, and a three or even four of the domain name, not only that, the page advertising and brand are also part of the B2B website. The adopted a more positive way: the user's 独立 website e-commerce platform of the base, B2B Jiao Yi's safety and marketing Gongneng in here Dedaodada Jiang Hua. B2B vertical search engines are the results, Mr. Wang to look locked in a separate web site provider, because he can immediately visit the other independent Web site for detailed background information on the counterparty, product information, business trends, and real-time business communication, online transactions, one should stop the work completed, work efficiency, while more convenient communication with each other. Transaction security with more protection than before, Mr. Wang's business is done more smoothly on the.

  Search age B2B services and Enterprises Website inextricably linked, making smoke signals intersection in the industry a great opportunity to seize. User targeted, wide-coverage; risk degree is small; transaction capabilities powerful ... ... the public, said Lu, "With the era of e-commerce Zouxiang high, trading is no longer just in a centralized platform such as Alibaba took place on the Internet as a huge trading platform, search engine into a mass habit, the enterprise e-commerce website featured an independent marketing through search engines, which B2B platform service providers and the impact of B2B market development patterns has become more obvious effect. "

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